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Change to November Meeting Date!

Please note that the November meeting will take place on the second Saturday of the month, not the first, so:


Saturday 10th November 2018

2.00p.m. in the Garden Room at Uffculme Village Hall


Jeni Fulton Price, a member of the committee, will do a presentation about district nursing in Uffculme between 1902 and 1948. 

This is based on some minute books of the District Nursing Association found by the former Parish Clerk and passed on to our archives.  Who would have thought that a couple of books of minutes of a committee could yield such treasures and open a window onto how this valuable pre-NHS service worked? 

 In this 70th anniversary year of the NHS it's an appropriate - and fascinating - reminder of just one aspect of how local health services were run before the birth of our much-valued NHS.