Our monthly update in Spotlight - Uffculme's village magazine

June 2018

June has arrived seemingly suddenly, and the Summer Party arrived with it at the beginning of the month! A good number of members arrived in the Village Hall’s Garden Room with delicious goodies and we all partook of various drinks. We all settled down for a natter over our nibbles. Ha ha! No such luck, as a little diversion had been arranged. Several members took the floor ... no dear readers, not for speciality dances, but to give a few anecdotes about their lives.

Jenny Hodgson had composed a really funny poem about her unexpected and unwelcome meeting with a cobra in her house in Africa. Her husband and friend parrying it with tennis racquets ... possibly because of the bravado coming from a couple of pre-lunch drinks!

Esther gave us some of her lovely memories of growing up in Uffculme, all the interesting people and events making us perhaps a little nostalgic for earlier days. It is to be hoped that she might give us some more of this at a later date as she is a fount of local historical knowledge.

Jeni then told us about her early days in the Portsmouth area, where her father was a well-known pharmacist. The photo of her mother brought murmurs of appreciation of her elegance in her wedding gown. Jeni had photos of her family (screened magically from a projector), which brought it all to life most vividly.

Annie told the tale of her birth in Dulwich on the day after the Second World War was declared and of a post-partum skirmish with an air raid warden.

Finally Mike talked of his career in the textile trade including his work at Heathcoat’s factory in Tiverton. He then launched into his passion for MG cars, of which he is an aficionado before ending on a jolly note (I am sworn to silence in the public domain!).

The lovely food was mostly demolished and members forced to take home any remains (not a great deal though) ... as waste is bad!

It was a lovely afternoon and much enjoyed.

A (not too gentle!) reminder that we do need help setting up and clearing up for all meetings (and especially for events like this where there is extra work) – please could you spare a bit of time before and after meetings so it isn’t left to a few ageing stalwarts! Thank you.

Don`t forget the outing on WEDNESDAY July 4th to Arlington House. Come and join our merry band for a good day out. Have a look at the members’ information page of the website for further details.

Annie Saunter