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May 2019

A rather chilly May Day this year did not deter our doughty members from coming to the meeting on the first Wednesday evening.  We are made of sterner stuff!

Our speaker, Charles Noon, ruffled a few feathers when he was critical of Winston Churchill during his talk about “misrepresentations in history”!  The good thing about a bit of feather-ruffling is that it provokes ideas and conversation which is better than just listening and going quietly home.  Our speaker had selected a number of figures from history whose representations by future generations he found controversial.

Charles had little praise for three royal women whom he felt had been misrepresented by historians: Mary Queen of Scots, Caroline of Brunswick and Diana Princess of Wales.  He talked about his belief that all of them were traumatised, or at least strongly affected, by their marriages, none of which were exactly happy. He went on to look at the historical reputations of Chamberlain and Churchill.  His ‘take’ was interesting as he highlighted good and bad points about both of them, with slightly more criticism of Churchill.  As a former history teacher he takes the long view.

Maria gave updates on our summer outing to Somerset Rural Life Museum and Glastonbury Abbey.  There will be guided tours at each ... it promises to be a very interesting day. Let’s hope the weather is as kind as in previous years.  As always, members of the History Group will be given priority for places on the coach and if there are seats left, these can be offered more widely to people in the village.  Maria encouraged everyone to sign up quickly as this helps with planning the day.  Trevor has kindly done some helpful background notes on Glastonbury Abbey and we’ll give people copies of these to help them make the most of the visit.

I have heard from Sandra re the Uffculme millennium plates: she too has a set.  Does anyone else?

The Summer Party is on Wednesday 5th June at 7.30pm  The summer outing is on Wednesday 3rd July and don’t forget our coffee morning just after that on 6th July from 10am-12noon in the Garden Room of the village hall.

Please remember to look at the website at which Jeni is beavering away and where you will find some good information and news.



Annie Saunter